Range Rover driving through muddy water

Every Land Rover vehicle features an iteration of Terrain Response®, our groundbreaking all-terrain optimization system. Likewise, every iteration of Terrain Response® features dedicated terrain optimization modes.

Terrain Response® Auto

At the flick of a switch, patented Terrain Response® Auto re-configures transmission, suspension and traction settings for maximum drivability in almost all conditions. Proceed with confidence knowing this technology was tested in 20 countries around the world in temperatures from -40 to +125 degrees Fahrenheit on nearly every terrain imaginable.

Land Rover Terrain Response auto mode

Rock Crawl

Suitable for extremely technical, uneven terrain.

Land Rover Terrain Response rock crawl mode

General Driving

Suitable for daily conditions.

Land Rover Terrain Response general driving mode

Grass, Gravel & Snow

Suitable for surfaces that are firm but have a slippery surface, including icy conditions.

Land Rover Terrain Response grass gravel snow mode

Mud & Ruts

Suitable for soft, muddy, waterlogged or rutted ground.

Land Rover Terrain Response mud and ruts mode


Suitable for soft, predominantly dry yielding sandy ground, eg., sand dunes and deserts.

Land Rover Terrain Response sand mode

Experience Land Rover Terrain Response® for Yourself

Land Rover Terrain Response